Services For Individuals

Services For Individuals

Tax Services For Individuals

Tax Planning

TBSNE tax planning services for individuals are designed to identify tax-efficient strategies that will assist in achieving a client’s specific financial goals by decreasing current & future tax liabilities.

Tax Return Preparation

TBSNE provides comprehensive federal & state tax return preparation services for individuals designed to ensure all the details required to achieve the greatest tax advantages– filing status, allowable deductions, adjustments & credits – are recognized & included.

Tax Projections

TBSNE works with individual clients to calculate projections of tax withholding and estimated taxes to ensure they are paying the appropriate level of taxes throughout the year. These projections help avoid both penalties and interest for underpayment and unintended overpayment.

Stock Option Planning

TBSNE works closely with individuals who have stock options to establish redemption & exercise plans designed to limit tax liabilities while achieving the client’s current and future financial objectives.

Quickbooks & Quicken Support

TBSNE provides advice & support to clients maintaining their financial records using QuickBooks & Quicken.

IRS Audit Representation

When a client’s return is selected by the IRS for further examination, TNSNE offers representation services to advocate for the client before the IRS. Additionally, TBSNE will provide clients with support and/or representation on IRS issues related to appeals, back taxes, and collections.